4.0.2 Notes

Krumpet Town Version 4.0.2 Notes


  • Some player animations didn't have footstep sounds. 
  • All cut scenes have sound.
  • Roach was walking backwards.
  • Receptionist was being pushed around by Bandi. 
  • Hotdog follows the player smoother now. 


  • Checklist app now has a more detailed description
  • Library Scene has been added in.
  • Added Icons to map. These are on NPCs, Buildings and Items.
  • Added a Credits Scene to the end of the demo
  • There is now a icon for the PDA.
  • Control screen has color changes.
  • More cars and NPCs are in Krumpet Town.

Known Bugs

  • Leaving the library plays the wrong music. 


krumpettown-windows-beta.zip 3 GB
Version 4.0.2 Apr 09, 2019

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