Version 4

We have done our best to fix as much as we could from version 3. Krumpet Town Version 4 has much better performance and is significantly less buggy. Please list out any errors you find so we can get them resolved for version 5.  

Bug Fixes

  • Dialog was checking for collision every frame, bringing the frame down significantly. 
  • Collision issues on some objects.
  • Ability to fall out of scenes.
  • Blank PDA.
  • No collision on palm trees.
  • Turkey floating in the air.
  • Bird enemy was not affected by the shotgun.
  • Chat bubbles were flickering off and on.
  • Hard to talk to some NPCs because dialog spheres were overlapping one another.
  • Some scenes were open and loading black. They are locked now.
  • Milk was not available in Foodzone. 
  • Dialog would stick and break game.
  • TV and Boombox were turning Orange.
  • Map would disappear in buildings. 
  • Player would get locked in some interiors.
  • Inventory would not allow the player to eat more than one item.
  • Inconsistent monster health. 

New Features

  • Player can now blink.
  • UI is more interactive now.
  • Outline shader on pick up items.
  • Exit button on PDA. Press Esc
  • Chest System. 
  • Updated Messaging (Quest App)


  • PDA is now accessed by pressing escape instead of Q.
  • Music has been updated in some scenes.
  • 2 new snails have been added.
  • Church is now available.

Known Bugs

  • Going to bed with a turkey will break the game.
  • Bullets don't hit monsters if player is on uneven terrain. 
  • Find on map button on messaging app is not working. 
  • Spamming E on the gas pump will break the game.
  • Going into the groomers early will allow the dog to follow you before the quest has been given.
  • Hitting the tree without an ax will still make a chop sound but won't do anything.

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Version 4.0 Mar 30, 2019

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