Krumpet Town Demo V3 Bugs

Bug List

  1. City hall, Movie Theater, and School are open. 
  2. NPCs stack up on sidewalk.
  3. PDA has no screen when you are in buildings.
  4. Some NPC dialog spheres are sized differently and are overbearing. This can make it difficult to talk to other NPCs in the same vicinity. 
  5.  Bird enemy is not affected by shotgun.
  6.  Chat bubbles are flickering and always on
  7. Stuck issues - Jumping on log can move the player to the woods causing the player to get stuck. 
  8. Door lock - Mimi's house when getting pigeon quest
  9. Mimi asks for milk, but you have to pick up pie filling from FoodZone. 
  10. Key items like the net can be dropped. This is needed to complete a quest.
  11. Map indicators are on items. TV and Radio light up orange. 

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Troll House Games

Files 3 GB
Version 3 Mar 17, 2019

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