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Check out 01:56 in my video for a quick overview of The Krumpet Town Demo.

Oh cool! Thanks for featuring us! 


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I really dig the visual style and the humor. I thnk there needs to be a little more attention to questing and navigating. I just couldn't bring myself to deliver the pie Raj. just couldn't. i had already spent over half an hour trying to find Mimi.  don't get me wrong, i love exploring, but the quickk tasks were more of a frustration. I found it was to easy get lost despite a map with no good direction. 

I'm writing this with care. I'll be back for more. GL

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Thanks for the feedback. In our next version we will have markers on the map to help find locations and we will be more descriptive of where locations are  in the dialogue. 



Really enjoyed this! The only thing I can think of at the moment is perhaps an autosave or checkpoint system. I got to the giant chicken but he killed me and I was sent back to the main menu with only the option to start a new game. Other then that I thought this was a well put together game! Looking forward to seeing more! 

Thanks for playing Jar_Red!  The save system is currently broken right now, but we will implement it in a later build. Glad you liked it! 

I don't think I got to the horror part yet, but what I did see was very entertaining :)

:D very fun game

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Thanks for playing! We are glad you enjoyed it. :)


Jebby is my favorite lol